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1st Place Male — $15,000

2nd Place Male — $8,500

3rd Place Male — $5,000

4th Place Male — $3,500

5th Place Male — $1,500

6th Place Male – $1,000

7th Place Male – $500

1st Place Female — $15,000

2nd Place Female — $8,500

3rd Place Female — $5,000

4th Place Female — $3,500

5th Place Female — $1,500

6th Place Female – $1,000

7th Place Female – $500

More Details…..

• Masters Premium (over 40) — $1,000 (minimum 4 starters)   • Seniors Premium (over 50) -$500 (minimum 4 starters)

• Both male and female, top 7 prize money requires 30 starters each.
• All women over 50 and men over 60 who are official finishers earn free entry into the 2022 race.

The small print….

To avoid 30% withholding on your prize money, U.S. and Resident Foreign Athletes must provide a form W‐9 with valid social security number. A Form 1099 will be issued at year end to all athletes receiving compensation of $600 or more in a given year. All athletes who are citizens of foreign countries, also known as non‐resident athletes (NRAs) will be subject to 30% withholding of the total prize money as required by the IRS. This amount will be credited toward any US taxes owed at year end. If a NRA is interested in trying to lower the withholding rate, they may apply for a Central Withholding Agreement at least 45 days prior to event.

For more information please visit the IRS’s web‐site at‐Taxpayers/Taxation‐of‐Foreign‐Athletes‐and‐Entertainers

New this year – Win an additional $5,000 in the Run, Rabbit, Run Team Challenge!

Rules for the Team Challenge*:

  1. A team consist of one woman and one man.
  2. Fastest combined times win! Both runners must finish within the allowed time!
  3. Both team members must run as Hares in our 100 mile race and follow all Hare rules.
  4. You must provide us with your team names no later than September 4, 2023 (you can switch or change until then).
  5. Winning team receives $5,000 ($2,500 per runner). Second place team $2500. Third place team $1000. All entrants are still eligible for individual prize money!

* Must be a minimum of five teams entered in the Team Challenge.

Predict the Top Male & Female Hare and Top Male & Female 50 Miler and win $500!

  1. You must correctly predict all 4 winners – 100 Male and Female Hares, 50 Mile Male and Female!
  2. All 50 and 100 milers are eligible (one entry per runner). AND you must complete your race within your time limit!
  3. Entries must be submitted by email, no later than midnight Sunday, September 10, 2023. Just list events and the names (i.e., 100 mile Male Hare – Donnie Darko)

While we will do our best to keep the ultrasignup list as current as possible with last minute entries and withdrawals, hey – no promises! It’s all part of the fun! Harvey’s handicapping hints below will help get you started.

Do you think you know who the winners will be? Send us your picks and win $500!  Bonus: Pick the top team as well and win another $500!

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1. Mark Hammond, 37, Utah -Perennial podium and six time finisher here seems focused on this and recent 14 hour 100 milers on flat courses are smoking, so you know he’s still got the wheels; guy has faced the best in the world at Distance of Truth and knows course better than anyone. Would be no surprise if he finally breaks through for the win. With Nichols now out, the top selection. Teams up with Salynda Heinl in the Team Challenge.
2. Arlen Glick, 29, Ohio – Young up and comer flat lander was just a terrific third in deep Western States; guy could be the next coming and no argument with those that think he’ll run away with it, but betting on others on tougher course at altitude. Likely favorite. Teams up with Alissa St. Laurent in the Team Challenge.
3. Nick Elson, 38, Canada – Looks to be this guy’s first try at Distance of Truth, but, boy, is he fast. Broken Arrow Skyrace just 52K, but he beat some of the world’s best, and Canadians have done well here. Huge chance. 
4. Jim Rebenack, 38, Co. – Guy has won here before but continues to fly below the radar; patient style will suit as it looks to be hot up front; clearly would be no surprise since he’s won at this venue. One of the deserving favorites in a very tough field. Teams up with Katie Arnold in the Team Challenge.
5. Nick Lewis, 36, Arkansas – Yeah, we know the guy hasn’t shown much lately but that second in Leadville in 17 hours way back when tells me he has the talent and he’s not coming here for the frequent flyer miles. Another with a real shot to take it all if he’s matured. Teams up with Kacey Nobert in the Team Challenge.
6. Kyle Curtin, 35, Co. – Hey, has run top 10 at Western and was just 13th and that’s nothing to sneeze at, and anyway he seems to be getting better. Just have a sneaky, funny feeling about this guy. Teams up with Maggie Guterl in the Team Challenge.
7. Pete Mortimer, 41, Arizona – Facile winner of recent HURT 100 rates a chance off that; another Master with a chance to win it all.  Teams up with Annie Hughes in the Team Challenge.
8. Seth Wealing, 43, Co. – Seventh here last year but recent good effort at Quadrock a good foundation for this. Expect him to contend and not just for Masters.
9. Corey Logsdon, 34, Nebraska. –  Has run some sparklers at the Distance of Truth, including 3rd at HURT and 2nd at Cascade Crest; 14 hours at Tunnel Hill means he has wheels. Rates a definite chance. Teams up with Rachel Lemke in the Team Challenge.
10. Michael Wirth, 24, Colorado – Facile winner of the Telluride 40 miler is largely an unknown, but smoked a largely unknown field; just broke the FKT at Elks Traverse, which we assume is a good thing; hey, at 24, has a huge upside. Teams with Mary Baughman in the Team Challenge.
11. Thomas Dean, 27, Wyoming – Kid’s just 27 and been years since he’s off the podium; has been here before but is much better now. Suspect he’s focused on this; dark horse pick to hit the podium. Teams up with Laura Stamp in the Team Challenge.
12. Craig Hunt, 31, Arizona. – Lightly raced but seems quick at shorter distances; tough race to make debut at Distance of Truth. Will need to step up his game to contend.
13. Bryan Kerl, 30, Co. – Last year’s 7th at Canyon 100k sticks out, as that was  very deep field and he wasn’t far out of it; altitude no problem for this guy and patient style will suit as many in field will want the field. Dangerous. Teams with Genevieve Harrison in the Team Challenge.
14. Jackson Buehler, 34, Canada – Runner shows just one ultra in his resume, but that was a good win at The North Face in Canada, though only a 50K. Canadian runners have surprised here before, as in Dave Stevens 2021 win; have a funny feeling about this guy.
15. Michael Bailey, 30, California – Not sure what to make of those Chattanooga stage races but win at the North Face in D.C. says he has the wheels. Interesting. 
1. Annie Hughes, 24, Co. – Just 24 and entering her prime; won her last 5 including Leadville and has won at longer so distance won’t be a problem. Recent winner of High Lonesome just defeated top selection so would be no surprise. Run, Rabbit, Run has been the coming out party for some of the world’s best and she could be next. Could be any kind. Teams up with Pete Mortimer in the Team Challenge.
2. Alissa St. Laurent, 37, Canada – Yeah, she can win it, as she ran a terrific second here last year, just off the course record, and has done nothing but win since, and Canadians have done well here. Looks to be primed for this. One of the best mountain runners in the world; rates a tossup with top two selections. Teams with Arlen Glick in the Team Challenge.
3. Kacey Nobert, 29, Co. – Hey, don’t let that stinker in Leadville fool ya as that was first try at Distance of Truth, win at Scout Mountain was smoking, and other than that stinker never been off the podium. Expecting a big effort if she doesn’t step on the gas early. Teams up with Nick Lewis in the Team Challenge.
4. Melissa Beury, 43, Utah – Terrific second here two years ago but field this year much deeper; suspect she’s focused on this and we like that; another one of the ones in a highly contentious field. Teams up with Jim McCue in the Team Challenge.
5. Salynda Heinl, 37, Co. – Four time RRR finisher was fifth here couple years ago but now shows four straight wins; appears she’s in top form and we’ve been expecting a break out win from her for some time; contender for all the marbles in a very balanced field. Teams up with Mark Hammond in the Team Challenge.
6. Mary Baughman, 27, Co.  50 mile winner here last year and figures only to improve; she’s just 27 and though this is her first try at Distance of Truth RRR has been the coming out party for quite a few of the world’s top runners and she may be next. Watch out! Teams up with Michael Wirth in the Team Challenge.
7. Laura Stamp, 28, Washington. – Been many years since she’s been off the podium; loved effort at Tushars but now waters run much deeper. Fits in for another podium finish if she steps up her game. Teams up with Thomas Dean in the Team Challenge.
8. Katie Arnold, 50, New Mexico – Former Leadville winner but that was a while ago; still recent efforts show she still has some wheels and we know distance and altitude won’t be a problem. She’s 50 now and we’ll be rooting for her and so should you. Teams up with Jim Rebenack in the Team Challenge.
9. Michelle Kent, 25, Co. – Runner was third at Leadville last year but waters way deeper here, still, she’s just 25 and could be any sort and 5th at Never Summer two years back better than it looks. Outside shot if she steps up her game. Teams up with James Bishop in the Team Challenge.
10. Rachel Lemke, 27, Virginia – Yeah, she’s an east coaster and altitude will be a challenge but gal has won at Old Dominion 100 and win at Mountain Masochist was a good one so distance should not be a problem.  Anyway, that’s why we make them line up and run, isn’t it? Teams up with Cory Logsdon in the Team Challenge.
11. Maggie Guterl, 42, Co. – Runner sparkles at super ultra distances, so 100 miles – believe it or not – may be too short for her. Suspect she’s focussing on this.  Rates a chance. Teams up with Kyle Curtin in the Team Challenge.
12.  Jenny Pierce, 39, Montana – Recent winner of tough Crazy Mountain 100 has been here before and run well, with a top 10 finish; not sure what to make of her chances but the talent is there, and, hey, we like Montana runners who always seem to run well here. Another that rates a definite shot. Teams up with Sam Corbett in the Team Challenge.
13. Tara Dower, 28, North Carolina – Second at Cruel Jewel, 3rd at Umstead, and never been off the podium in 8 races. East Coaster maybe be up against it with altitude and mountains, but respect her chances. Suspect she’s game as they come. Teams with Will Mitchell in the Team Challenge.
14. Maria Sylte, 32, Co. – Winner at Bighorn 100 and Rocky Raccoon 100 last year but this is a whole different ball game. Faces by far the toughest field she’s faced yet.  Will need to step up her game and she may be up for it. Respect. Teams with Kevin Hadfield in the Team Challenge.



1. Tyler Andrews, 32, Mass. – Winner Javelina 100k, almost always on the podium. Lightly raced and gets the nod in an evenly matched bunch if handles mountains and altitude.
2. Ryan Van Ness, 46, Co. – 4th in the 100 miler Tortoise here a number of year ago; was once 4th in RRR 50 too. Knows course, comfortable with altitude and distance. Masters runner would be no surprise.                                                                                              3. Justin Jablonski, 34, Washington – Lightly raced but 3rd years back at Sean O’Brien sticks out. Last race a winner at Needles last year. Suspect he’s primed for this.
4. Scott Mehring, 32, Co. – On the podium in all his races last couple years and looks like he’s improving.
5. Donnie Gray, 53, Utah – Grandmaster lightly raced at ultra distance but field has so far come up soft; have a funny feeling. 

1. Georgia Porter, 34, Arizona – Winner Crown King, 2nd Black Canyon. Seems to be hers to lose.
2. Jenna Bensko, 25, Co. – Just 25, and good effort at recent Never Summer 60K puts her right in the mix; looks to give top selection a run for her money.
3. Debbie Issen, 32, Co. – Very lightly raced but third in recent Quadrock 25 might be good enough. Could surprise.
4. Andrea Wilhelm, 42, Co. – Local runner knows course well and was 4th here last year, 6th in 2019. Should be in the hunt again.
5. Katie Rozar, 29, Florida – Yeah, we know she’s a flat lander but gal has run some good ones out east. Dangerous if she handles altitude and mountains.

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Team 5. Hot Mess Express – Kacey Nobert/Nick Lewis

Team 6. The Laramie Slo-Poke Cowboys – Laura Stamp/Thomas Dean

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Team 8. Team BoQ – Melissa Beaury/Jim McCue

Team 9. The Fiery M&Ms – Mary Baughman/Michael Wirth  

Team 10. The Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles – Katie Arnold/Jim Rebenack

Team 11. Genevieve Harrison/Bryan Kerl

Team 12. Team IPOS – Tara Dower/Will Mitchell

Team 13. Team Lactic Acid Trip – Salynda Heinl/Mark Hammond

Team 14. The SWAPstars – Amber Febbraro/Anthony Lee

Team 15. Team Livingstone – Jenny Pierce/Sam Corbett

Team 16. Sangre de Blisto – Michelle Kent/ James Bishop

Team 17. Bernadette Bachel/Logan Williams

Team 18. Team M-Orr S-Orr – Maria Steinhauser/Brad Orr  

Team 19. Alissa St. Laurent/Arlen Glick

Team 20. The Sour Patch Slickers – Sarah Ostaszewski/Austin Horn



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The Run Rabbit Run is a permitted event on the Routt National Forest and part of this event is conducted on Public Lands under special permit of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

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