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1st Place Male — $15,000

2nd Place Male — $8,500

3rd Place Male — $5,000

4th Place Male — $3,500

5th Place Male — $1,500

6th Place Male – $1,000

7th Place Male – $500

1st Place Female — $15,000

2nd Place Female — $8,500

3rd Place Female — $5,000

4th Place Female — $3,500

5th Place Female — $1,500

6th Place Female – $1,000

7th Place Female – $500

More Details…..

• Masters Premium (over 40) — $1,000 (minimum 4 starters)   • Seniors Premium (over 50) -$500 (minimum 4 starters)

• Both male and female, top 7 prize money requires 30 starters each.

• All women over 50 and men over 60 (Tortoises and Hares) who are official finishers earn free entry into the 2025 race.

The small print….

To avoid 30% withholding on your prize money, U.S. and Resident Foreign Athletes must provide a form W‐9 with valid social security number. A Form 1099 will be issued at year end to all athletes receiving compensation of $600 or more in a given year. All athletes who are citizens of foreign countries, also known as non‐resident athletes (NRAs) will be subject to 30% withholding of the total prize money as required by the IRS. This amount will be credited toward any US taxes owed at year end. If a NRA is interested in trying to lower the withholding rate, they may apply for a Central Withholding Agreement at least 45 days prior to event.

For more information please visit the IRS’s web‐site at‐Taxpayers/Taxation‐of‐Foreign‐Athletes‐and‐Entertainers

New this year – In addition to the $5,000 in the Run, Rabbit, Run Team Challenge, win an additional $1,000 Preem by being the first to top the gondola! Rules below!

Rules for the Team Challenge*:

  1. A team consist of one woman and one man.
  2. Fastest combined times win! Both runners must finish within the allowed time!
  3. Both team members must run as Hares in our 100 mile race and follow all Hare rules.
  4. You must provide us with your team names no later than September 7, 2024 (you can switch or change until then).
  5. Winning team receives $5,000 ($2,500 per runner). Second place team $2,500. Third place team $1,000. All entrants are still eligible for individual prize money!

* Must be a minimum of five teams entered in the Team Challenge.

Rules for the $1,000 Guaranteed Preem: 

  1. Runners must run as Hares.
  2. You must finish within the official time limit.
  3. First male runner and first female runner to the top of the gondola wins $1,000!
  4. Should the first male or female runner to the top of the gondola NOT finish within the official time limit, the preem will go to the next runner to the top of the gondola who finishes within the time limit. 

Predict the Top Male & Female Hare and Top Male & Female 50 Miler and win $500!

  1. You must correctly predict all 4 winners – 100 Male and Female Hares, 50 Mile Male and Female!
  2. All 50 and 100 milers are eligible (one entry per runner). AND you must complete your race within your time limit!
  3. Entries must be submitted by email, no later than midnight Sunday, September 8, 2024. Just list events and the names (i.e., 100 mile Male Hare – Donnie Darko)

While we will do our best to keep the ultrasignup list as current as possible with last minute entries and withdrawals, hey – no promises! It’s all part of the fun! Harvey’s handicapping hints below will help get you started.

Can you predict the winners? Send us your picks and win $500!  Bonus: Pick the top team as well and win another $500!

 Email us here



1. Dave Stevens, 41, Canada – Hey, he’s undefeated here having won twice, and until someone beats him, I’m going with him for the Hat Trick, and anyway Canadians have been awfully tough here. Last year’s win awfully impressive as top runners ran head to head for much of the race. The top selection in a tough field with two other past winners and quite a few other tough cookies and the pick to win the masters as well. 
2. Richard Lockwood, 37, Washington – Guy fooled everyone but himself with win two years ago over a tough field, but as the Who said, We won’t be fooled again. Clearly focussed on this and though he flies under everyone’s radar, would certainly be no surprise. 
3.  Tyler Green, 40, Oregon – Second Western States, 6th at UTMB, 3rd Transgrancanaria, he’s one of the world’s best, and not knocking anyone who picks him to win it all. Is going great guns and top contender for all the marbles if course suits.
4. Ihor Verys, 29, Canada – Guy seemingly wins everything he enters, including the HURT 100 and the Canadian Death Race, and then too there’s that effort at Barkleys. As we said, Canadians have been stupidly tough here. He’s just 29, and while he may be the next coming, he already might be here. Another one of the ones in a brutally tough field. Teams with Abigail West in the Team Challenge.
5. Kyle Pietari, 37, Colorado – He’s won here before, in 2019, but he’s struggled with injuries since. Assume he’s focussed on this and we like that, but faces others doing the same. We’ll have the puke bag ready. Respect chances. 
6. Gary Messina, 30, Utah – Runner was fourth last year at first try at Distance of Truth, and no reason he can’t improve. Have a sneaky funny feeling about this guy.  Long shot pick to win it all. 
7. Scott Traer, 42, Mass. – He’s been here before, with 5th in 2019, so you know flatlander can handle altitude and climbing. Recent efforts at Leadville and Western nothing to sneeze at, but will need to step up his game to contend. Not without a chance. 
8. Jesse Rich, 34, Utah – Another one who’s been here before, with a 7th in 2021, and another one who figures to improve, as he’s lightly raced.  Love 3rd at recent Bear 100 but faces much tougher here. Should be in the hunt.
9. Matthew Bigman, 31, Oregon – Guy has run some good ones at shorter distances, and this appears to be first try at Distance of Truth.  Could be any kind if takes to the distance. Don’t discount chances.
10. Tomonori Onitsuka, 44, Japan – Guy DNFed here last year, but love that he’s crossing the Big Pond to give it another shot, and doubt he’s doing it for the frequent flier miles. Not sure what to make of the fields he’s been facing but suspect 3rd at Mt. Fuji is pretty good; then too his win a few years ago at Waldo nothing to sneeze at. Might surprise.
11. Noah Dusseau, Washington, 24 – Kids just 24 so could be any sort, and the Black Canyon effort better than it looks, as he steps up to Distance of Truth. Hard to get a read, but expect a big effort.
12. Zack Eagle, 29, Indiana – Good effort at Oregon Cascades at what seems to be first try at Distance of Truth suggests climbing and distance won’t be a problem, and only figures to improve off that effort, and hey, he’s rarely off the podium. Worth a consideration.
1. Michele Yates, 41, Colorado – Two time winner, course record holder and former Ultra Runner of the Year DNFed here last year but had struggled back from a spate of injuries and now figures to be healthy and primed for this. The pick in a field already looking extremely tough, and it’s still early. Petal to the metal style should make it interesting, especially with the new top of gondola preem. Masters contender to boot.
2. Emily Caldwell, 29, Colorado – Was third here couple years back behind two very tough cookies and has been quiet since, and at 29, figures to only get better. Like that she’s coming back. Dark horse pick to take it all. 
3. Emily Mann, 31, Canada – Not sure she’s been out of the top two exacta in years, and Canadians always tough here. Looks to be first try at Distance of Truth.  Looks very tough here if distance suits.
4. Leah Yingling, 32, Utah – A few top tens at Western States and good effort at recent UTMB puts her right in the mix here, and at 32 still has upside to improve. Can’t fault those who think she’ll take it all. Definite contender if she’s on her game. 
5. Ashley Paulson, 42, Utah – Yeah, yeah, we know, we know, but then again there’s two sides to every story, and as a famous man once said, What’s done is done and cannot be undone, so let’s move along. Look, she’s broken the overall course record at Badwater, she’s run 14 hours at Jackpot, and she wins just about everything she enters – she’s one of the best in the world. Suspect she’s the quickest of the quick once they get over Mt. Werner but they’ll be coming at her in waves and we’ll see if she can hang on. Merits much respect.
6. Rachel Lemcke, 28, Colorado – Fifth here in 2022, and another who only figures to improve, as she’s just 28, and Run, Rabbit Run has been the coming out party for some of the world’s best. Could be any kind. Don’t sell short. 
7. Mary Baughman, 28, Colorado – She’s won the 50 miler here, and was 3rd in the RRR 100 in 2021, and has done nothing but improve since but field is shaping up much tougher now. Probably knows course as well as anyone and that’s a plus. Don’t dismiss.
8. Jenna Bensko, 27, Colorado – Good effort at recent Back Canyon and has run well at local Quadrock and Never Summer; was second in the 50 miler in 2022, though this appears to be first try at Distance of Truth. Another young runner with room to improve. Might surprise.
9. Abigail West, 28, Georgia – Yeah, she’s a flatlander, but good efforts at Georgia Jewel means she know how to climb, and then again, she’s just 28. Has outside shot. Teams with Ihor Verys in the Team Challenge.
10. Shea Aquilino, 22, Indiana – Heck, she’s just 22, and 16 hours at Indiana Trail 100 means she has wheels as well as youth on her side. Gotta believe she’s focussed on this and has huge upside if she takes to the altitude and climbing. Respect chances.
11. Nikki Kimball, 52, Montana Former Ultra Runner of the Year and once one of the world’s best won here 10 years ago and has a second as well.  Sure, she’s 52 and was on the shelf with injuries, and has lost a step or two but rates a chance at masters if top selection falters. I’ll be rooting for her, and so should you.
12. Nicole Laughton, 37, Oklahoma – Flatlander hasn’t lost in years, but this is a whole different kettle of fish, with altitude, climbs and stiffer competition. Still, more shocking things have happened.  



1. Rick Davey, 34, C0. – Guy has loaded the bases last three years, with second, first (male), and third, respectively. His to lose.

2. Josh Slocum, 34. Co. – No results last six years, but results before that would put him right in the hunt. Like he’s making his comeback here. Should be fresh. Contender.   

3. Tim Smith,  43, California – Looks to improve on 7th place finish last year.  Will need to step up his game.

1.Kate LeVasseur, 38, Co.– Fourth here last year and looking for the win. Top selection.
2. Steph Nicols, 24, Montana – Gal seems new at the ultra game but love that last 50 miler in Maine. Montanans always tough here. Should contend. 
3. Lauren Creath, 31, Co. – Been on the shelf for the past three years but fits based on prior efforts. Definite contender in a wide open field.

2024 Team Entrants

1. Abigail West/Ihor Verys  – Buns of Steel



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The Run Rabbit Run is a permitted event on the Routt National Forest and part of this event is conducted on Public Lands under special permit of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

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