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Hey bunnies and turtles, 2019 race days are scheduled for Friday September the 13, 2019 (and also a full moon) for the start of the 100 and Saturday the 14th for the 50. We’ve also increased our purse for the 100 to $75,000, with $15,000 going to the men’s and women’s winners. Wow!  And while our 100 miler is full with a wait list, we are saving a few spots for some of you weally fast wabbits. Contact us for  more information. See you in September!


The Run, Rabbit, Run 50 and 100 Mile Endurance Runs Presented by Altra is pleased to announce the creation of the inaugural $100,000 Run, Rabbit, Run "Rabbit Cup" to be held in September 14 and 15, 2018 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be run at the distance of 100 miles. Coupled with the Run, Rabbit, Run’s existing $65,000 purse, Altra’s Run, Rabbit, Run 100 mile run will offer a total purse of $165,000, making it by far the largest trail ultra purse in the world.

The Rabbit Cup will be the first event of its kind in the world and is designed to promote the sport of ultra running in America while creating a lucrative opportunity for those participating in and supporting the sport, as well as supporting the charities of northern Colorado.

There will be 10 individuals or entities who will pay $10,000 to buy a slot for their team at the starting line. Each team will consist of three runners, with one male and one female runner’s times combined to determine total time. In addition to the $100,000 purse money awarded to the fastest teams, all runners will also be eligible for the event’s existing $65,000 individual prize money.

First prize for the winning team will be $50,000, with second awarded $20,000. Third through sixth will earn $15,000, $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000, respectively.

Those purchasing a slot can race, lease, contract, share or sell their place at the starting line. Slot holders need not name their runners at the time of purchase but must name their runners no later than September 1, 2018. Original slot holders will also have first option to participate in future Rabbit Cup races, and will share equally in any media rights. Slot holders will be entitled to three complimentary 100 mile race entries, as well as complimentary lodging. Other benefits to slot holders will also be provided. Slots are now available for purchase.

“Our Run, Rabbit, Run races have always been first class events, and this event will be no exception. It will be run to the highest standards, as befitting an event that will attract the best athletes in the world to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It will be an event that all who are associated with it will be proud of,” said co-race director Paul Sachs. Paul Sachs and fellow race director Fred Abramowitz will be responsible for marketing and coordinating the event.

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Hey, Bunnies and Turtles,

Getting ready? Getting a bit of the heebie-jeebies? You should be! Race day is about two weeks away, and here are some important updates and reminders:

  1. Our pre-race briefings will be held at Pool Tent at The Grand Hotel. For those of you who've run our race before this is not the same pool tent as the Sheraton's where we've met before. You"ll be very disappointed and frustrated if you look for the Sheraton's pool tent. It's not there. To get to The Grand Hotel Pool Tent walk through the Grand's lobby. The Grand is the Hotel directly opposite the Ski Basin Transit Center, where you will leave your drop bags (basically across the street from the free covered parking lot). And after you've completed your little journey, drop bags will be returned to the Grand Pool Tent.
  2. Saturday, August 26 (that's this Saturday) is the deadline to come to your senses and withdraw from the 100 or the 50 and get your partial credit for next year.
  3. Sunday, August 27 (that's this Sunday) is the deadline to change from Tortoise to Hare, or vice versa, or to opt for the early start for the 50, or to otherwise make changes before we start assigning bib numbers. (There are only two starters eligible for the 100 mile early start AND WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)
  4. Tuesday, September 5th is the deadline to submit your selections for our annual 500 simolie giveaway. Rules and our resident pooka Harvey's selections are on the prize page of our website.
  5. This year, unlike in past years, we will require race day, final check in. 7:00 am to 7:45 am on Friday for Tortoises, 11:00 am to 11:45 am for Hares; Saturday 5:00 to 5:45 am for 50 milers. If you're an early starter, an hour earlier. If you don't check in, you'll be considered a non-starter (and you don"t want THAT to happen, do you?)

Finally, thanks to each and every one of you that made an extra contribution to our charities. Last year we contributed over $28,000 to local charities (most of them benefitting kids) and we're hoping to do better this year. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.

AND (really finally) they"ll be some big news shortly about our 2018 race. Stay tuned!

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Check out the Race Report from Kerrie Bruxvoort, our 2015 Run Rabbit Run 100 mile 3rd Place Female Finisher!