Run Rabbit Run 50 & 100 Mile Endurance Races

The Run Rabbit Run courses are very much like life, in that there are many, many little and not so little ups and downs in between the obvious highs and lows. Be prepared.

The 50 mile race starts bright and early at 6 AM at the Steamboat Springs ski area (elevation, 6,900 feet) on Saturday, September 14, 2019 and proceeds up, up, up to Mount Werner (elevation, 10,568 feet) then goes up and down and up and down some more and then across the Continental Divide to Rabbit Ears Mountain (elevation, 10,500 feet) before heading back and way down to the ski area.

The 100-mile course starts on Friday, September 13, 2019 (Tortoises at 8 AM, Hares at noon) and will also start at the base of the ski area and encompass Buffalo Pass (elevation, 10,300) and Emerald Mountain, with a few nice little hops through town.

Current Course Records:

Men’s 100 Mile: 17:50:20 by Jason Schlarb of Missoula, Montana, 2013
Women’s 100 Mile: 20:16:54 by Michele Yates of Littleton, Colorado, 2013
Men's 50 Mile: 7:09:04 by Cameron Clayton of Boulder, Colorado, 2012
Women's 50 Mile: 8:08:05 by Joelle Vaught of Boise, Idaho, 2010

See all race results here.


Registration is online only, through Ultrasignup.com. Before you register please be sure you’ve read about our refund and transfer policy on the registration page.

Well, it ain’t easy. It will have some gnarly, rocky sections, but most of it is pretty nice and runnable. For a better description see the 100 Mile Course Description page and the 50 Mile Course Description page.

100 Mile Aid Station, Mileage and Cutoffs (pdf).
50 Mile Aid Station, Mileage and Cutoffs (pdf).

All major aid stations will be fully stocked with at least water, soft drinks, Tailwind electrolyte replacement drink, sweet and salty objects, sliders, sandwiches and the full array of terrific Honey Stinger products. Most will have a whole lot more. We will try and have hot things at night, things like bacon, egg and sausage. Carrots and green leafy vegetables will also be available. Tortoises and Hares live on that stuff, you know.

Yup, we’re going to have prize money. We think it’s time. We’re now at $75,000. Depending on entries and sponsors, the cost of putting this darn thing on – and we promise a first-class event, for everyone – and the charities we love, we hope to keep raising it. The “Bunny Money Meter” will let you all keep track.

Right now we’re looking at going seven deep, men and women if you’re a Hare, but as the prize money goes up, we’re going to go deeper.  We’ll start a chart with how we’ll distribute the money. See the Prize money page.

One has fur and silly ears, and the other has a shell and a serious forlorn look. One is pretty quick, and the other perseveres. Over 100 miles one may not be faster than the other. We’ll see. But you can be whatever you want to be. Can you run the course in under 30 hours? We’re not sure, but if you’re asking this question, you’re probably a Tortoise. Most people are.

BUT, if you want to be a Hare and you want to run for the purse, by signing up you agree:

1. To run without a pacer. You’re on your own!

2. That your crew will only help you at and within the designated aid stations, and that you will really read all the rules in the Runners Manual.

3. That you will not use hiking or trekking poles.

4. That you will strictly abide by the cutoffs, which will be much tougher than for the Tortoises, no matter what, and not raise a fuss if we tell you your race is over.

5. That if you really think you have a chance at winning some money, you won’t throw your name in the hat for any of our pre-race drawings, which will all be left to the Tortoises and the slower Hares.

6. That if you cut the course in some way, on purpose or by accident, or cheat in some way, or do something bad, like litter, or use headphones in the middle of town where you might get hit by a car, or otherwise violate any of our rules and the race committee determines you did it, that you’ll agree to forfeit whatever you might have won, and not raise a fuss about it.

7. That you, and your crew, will be courteous to everyone, including all Tortoises and volunteers. And especially Harvey.

8. That no matter how fast you run, you’re not eligible for any Tortoise awards.

9. That if you win money, you’ll stay for the awards ceremony, and maybe make a nice little speech. But you can brag to the whole world if you want.

Yes. We will also have a fancier buckle if you break 30 hours too.  All finishers will also receive a nice tee shirt, some form commemorative that we haven’t yet decided on, and just like in our 50 mile, we will have a great post race party.

Tortoises start at 8 AM on Friday. Hares at noon. We will let male runners over 70 and female runners over 60 have another hour head start, so they can start at 7 AM. Last finisher 8 PM on Saturday. Awards ceremony at about 7:30.

Tortoises deserve a head start and we want the Hares to finish in the daytime, or close to it. With a head start, and with the few out and backs the course has, Tortoises will be able to see the Hares race and we think – at least for some of you – that that will be fun. Plus we’d like to have everyone finish as close together as possible and enjoy the party together.

Well, we could tell you that we’re doing it because we love the sport and love the community of Steamboat and that would be true. But we’re also doing it for the same reason you’re entering this race. We’ve got a couple of screws loose.

Race Committee & Coordination

Run Rabbit Run race committee
The race coordinators for the Steamboat Run Rabbit Run 50 & 100 Mile Endurance Runs are all experienced runners who have volunteered to organize this race for two reasons: our love of the sport of running, and our love of Steamboat.

Fred “Roger Rabbit” Abramowitz, Paul “Sandbagger” Sachs, Richard “Angstrom” Schneider, Hadley “Bunny” Nylen, Scott “Buster” Blair, Caroline “Crusader” Caldwell, Tim “Horseshoe” Nylen, Billy "Rabbit Hole" Grimes, Paul "Bugs" Nelson. Volunteer co-ordinator: Brady “Energizer” Worster. Steamboat Springs Running Series Liaison: Cara “Cottontail” Marrs.

And Harvey.

Charitable Donations

Each year, after the conclusion of our event, we choose which charities will get our bunny money. Past recipients include:

The Boy Scouts
Girls on the Run
The Jenna Gruben-Morrill Memorial Fund
Partners in Routt County
Routt County Search and Rescue
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps
Routt County Humane Society
The Scott Blair Benefit Fund
South Routt Education Fund
The Steve Maloney Memorial Fund
The Steamboat Springs Amateur Radio Club
The Steamboat Springs Running Series
The Teaching Tree

A Few Words of Thanks…

I know, you’ve heard this before but now you’re going to hear it again. It is impossible to do this without help from sponsors. So listen up, little bunny rabbits, and support (and thank) our sponsors:

Honey Stinger
Black Diamond
Wyndham Vacation Rentals


Ultimate Direction

And of course, thank you to all the volunteers.