Prize Money & Awards

2017 Run Rabbit Run winners

The bunny money meter is up to $75,000!

$15,000 guaranteed for the 100 mile winners! We’re looking to go higher. Much higher. We offer the highest purse of any trail ultra marathon in the world!
  • 1st Place Male — $15,000
  • 2nd Place Male — $8,500
  • 3rd Place Male — $5,000
4th Place Male — $3,500
  • 5th Place Male — $1,500
  • 6th Place Male - $1,000
  • 7th Place Male - $500
  • 1st Place Female — $15,000 and
    Tortoise and Hare Jewelry
  • 2nd Place Female — $8,500
3rd Place Female — $5,000
  • 4th Place Female — $3,500
5th Place Female — $1,500
  • 6th Place Female - $1,000
  • 7th Place Female - $500
  • Masters Premium (over 40) — $1,000
    (minimum 4 starters)
  • Seniors Premium (over 50) -$500 (minimum 4 starters)

For male and female, seven deep requires 30 starters each.
where to buy antabuse online buy Lyrica online australia All women over 50 and men over 60 who are official finishers earn free entry into the 2020 race.

US Government – Federal Income Tax Withholding on Prize Money
  • To avoid 30% withholding on your prize money, U.S. and Resident Foreign Athletes must provide
    a Form W‐9 with valid social security number. A Form 1099 will be issued at year end to all
    athletes receiving compensation of $600 or more in a given year.
All athletes who are citizens of foreign countries, also known as non‐resident athletes (NRAs)
    will be subject to 30% withholding of the total prize money as required by the IRS. This amount
    will be credited toward any US taxes owed at year end.
  • If a NRA is interested in trying to lower the withholding rate, they may apply for a Central
    Withholding Agreement at least 45 days prior to event.
  • For more information please visit the IRS’s web‐site at‐Taxpayers/Taxation‐of‐Foreign‐Athletes‐and‐

2014 Run Rabbit Run winners

Predict the Top Male & Female Hare and Top Male & Female 50 Miler and win $500!

  1. You must correctly predict all 4 winners – 100 Male and Female Hares, 50 Mile Male and Female!
  2. All 50 and 100 milers are eligible (one entry per runner). AND you must complete your race within your time limit!
  3. Entries must be submitted by email, no later than midnight Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Just list events and the names (i.e., 100 mile Male Hare – Donnie Darko)

While we will do our best to keep the ultrasignup list as current as possible with last minute entries and withdrawals, hey – no promises! It’s all part of the fun! Harvey’s handicapping hints below will help get you started.

Harvey Handicaps the 2018 Hares (Check back as we update the field.)


  1. Jim Rebenack, 34, Colorado – Defending champ lays low in the ultra world, though no question he’s one of the world's best; recent facile win at Pikes Peak 50K suggest he’s set to repeat and focussed on this; back to back wins would be no surprise.
  2. Seth Swanson, 39. Montana – Veteran world class runner has world class resume, with 2nd at Western States, 4th at UTMB, and course record at Cascade Crest among other great finishes; makes debut here and 3rd in recent Mt. Fuji says he ready to roll. Montana runners have excelled here and expect another  terrific performance. One of the ones in a deep and contentious field.
  3. Mark Hammond, 33, Utah — Second here the past two years, including last year to 2nd selection and 3rd in two most recent Western States as well; his 5th Run, Rabbit, Run and he’s going great now and hasn't missed a dance; hard to pick against one of the best in the world but betting he's just a bit over raced, and anyway someone has to finish 3rd.
  4. Jeff Browning, 46, Utah - 5th at recent Western and then followed up with a win at Hardrock; yeah, we know all about how that happened but still Master wonder is going as good as he’s ever gone and race sets up for him, as he’s patient and suspect pace will be hot up front and he doesn’t need the lead; knows course well and will be running late. Contender for win and Master’s to boot.
  5. Kyle Pietari, 31, Colorado – Runner had breakout performance at Western States with a solid 6th and expect him to improve off that effort; training up a storm and another in the hunt for all the marbles.
  6. Jason Schlarb, 40, Colorado – That two-time winner and course record holder is picked 6th speaks to the depth of this field; went through a rough stretch following great effort at 2016 Hardrock, where he tied Kilian Jornet for the win, but has since gone off the rails. Not sure he's the same runner but can't fault those who expect him to repeat past efforts and run away with it.
  7. Charlie Ware, 32, Arizona – Surprised us with 3rd here last year but then 8th at recent Western States showed it was no fluke; young, eligible to improve, and might surprise again. Another contender to win the whole shebang.
  8. Bob Shebest, 44, California — Top Left Coast runner was 2nd here three years ago but was a bust at recent Western States; shows an interesting training pattern since, with a race almost every week and most of them wins; has run well here before and at the very least a contender for Masters title.
  9. Tommy Rivers Puzey, 34, Arizona - Late entrant on comeback trail from recent injury but has run well here before, with a 6th in 2016; has great natural speed as he's gone sub-2:20 in the marathon and altitude should be no problem; hard to know what to make of him but suspect he rates a real chance.
  10. Jeff Colt, 27, Colorado - Young runner takes up Distance of Truth after series of very solid efforts at shorter; looking for breakthrough run and why not here?
  11. Catlow Shipek, 39, Arizona – Have sneaky funny feeling about runner who shows only a single 100, a facile win at Javelina 100 four years ago; low key efforts at shorter distances tell us he’s peaking for this. Dark horse selection to win it all.
  12. Jesse Haynes, 45, California — Threw a a bit of a clunker at recent Western States but then Hardrock effort was decent; runner has been here before with good efforts and suspect he's looking to make amends; hard to separate top contenders and he’s another Masters with at the very least a fighting chance.
  13. Bradley Revenis, 32, Maryland – Top East Coast runner has wins at Kettle Moraine and Massanutten 100s on his resume, but faces tougher here on much tougher course with altitude the added challenge; still hard to dismiss as appears to be a 100 mile specialist who knows how to win. Another who rates a chance.


  1. Alissa St Laurent, 34, Canada – World class Canadian runner ran 2nd here two years ago after a 5that Western States, then followed with a 6that UTMB last year; course record holder at Cascade Crest appears to be focussed on this and we like that; the pick in a tough field.
  2. Emma Roca, 44, Spain — Champ here three years ago and 2nd here last year behind Courtney Dauwalter so you know she can handle the course and run with the best; top international runner and doubt she's flying over here from Spain for frequent flier miles; consistently one of the world's best and doesn't seem she has lost a step. Can't fault those who pick her as she's an obvious contender for all the marbles.
  3. Michele Yates, 35, Colorado — Former Ultra Runner of the Year, 2013 Run, Rabbit, Run winner and course record holder is coming off a spate of serious injuries but recent Quadrock 50 effort suggest she is going well now; appears focussed on this and is training up a storm; serious contender if she runs back to prior form and can rate pedal-to-metal style. Would be heartwarming story of the year; will be rooting for her.
  4. Kerrie Bruxvoort, 42, Colorado — Two podium finishes in past four years and 4th last year after coming off injury but is healthy now; one of country’s top ultra runners and top Master as well; patient style suits in a field where many will want the lead; she's run second and third here and recent San Juan Solstice 50 win suggests she may be ready to fill out the missing podium slot. No surprise if she wins and one of the ones.
  5. Nikki Kimball, 47, Montana - Former Ultra Runner of the Year and probably the greatest ultra runner not named Ann Trason has won here before and has won everything else there is to win; recent second at Hardrock means she coming in here healthy and that tough course suits; sure at 47 she's lost a step but there's no one out there who knows more about running 100s; we won't say "I told you so" should she win.
  6. Blair Doney, 26, Colorado - Lightly raced former Run, Rabbit, Run 50 Mile Champ makes her debut at the Distance of Truth; recent Pike Peak 50K was terrific, so appears fit; takes a huge step up in class here but, hey, at 26 the sky's the limit and we like her chances here to make a great showing; upset pick to win it all.
  7. Denise Bourassa, 48, Missouri  — Multiple time top 10 Western States finisher is still in good form, with a fifth here two years ago adding to already stellar resume; recent third at San Diego 100 says she still has her game; she's run well here and she’s run well on tougher courses; another Masters threat for a place on the podium..
  8. Anita Ortiz, 54, Colorado - Yeah, we know, she's running against women half her age, but she's a former Western States champ and experience and background class counts for something at 100 miles; lightly raced this year and believe she has another big one in her.  Hall of fame type runner rates a chance.
  9. Kylie Collins, 29, Colorado - Runner has been top 10 here past two years so we know the course suits; improving and have feeling she's due for a break out run and recent second at San Juan Solstice behind 4th selection may indicate that big things are to come; not without a shot.
  10. Sarah Pizzo, 35, Colorado - Runner has been flying beneath the radar, though recent 4th at tough Speedgoat shows she fits here; another making her debut at 100 miles and that's a concern; still have a sneaky funny feeling about her; may surprise.
  11. Meredith Edwards, 34, Wyoming -  Not sure 100 is her distance but races in Europe at shorter look solid; she's on the Altra team so we know they think highly of her; believe she may be ready to spin a big one.
  12. Jenn Shelton, 34, Colorado - Was once the Next Great Thing but then serious injuries put her on the shelf; shows no races in three years but we think that's a good thing, as she's focussed on this effort; ran 14:57 at Javalina 100 ten years ago so we know if fit she can be quick and we know she can climb; don't discount chances. 
  13. Ellie Spacek, 29, Colorado - Know nothing about her win at the Black Hills 100, but like she has experience at the distance, as runners usually improve at second try at Distance of Truth; recent efforts at Collegiate Peaks and Moab 50K suggest she's improving and anyway she's always in the mix; hey, she's only 29 and that means she has a huge upside; sure, would be a bit of a surprise but isn't that why we line them up and make them run the darn thing?


Harvey Handicaps the Fifties


  1. Ford Smith, 22, Colorado - Youngster has all the makings of the sport's next superstar, with recent win at Bandera, and some good runs while still in his teens.  Huge upside here and strictly the one to beat.
  2. Horsecow Lonac, 33, Colorado - Veteran runner shows fine recent efforts at Collegiate Peaks and Lake Sonoma, where he faced some of the best; should give top selection a run for his money.
  3. Yew Ferrara, 31, California - Left Coast runner always in the hunt, and recent 3rd behind 100 mile top 10 pick Bob Shebest at Tahoe Rim shows he fits here; would not be a shock.
  4. Dillon Gotshall, 35, Colorado – Local Steamboat runner has been second here past two years; good efforts at Zane Grey and at San Juan Solstice, two of countries tougher 50s; looking for the win here and he may get it, though field appears a bit deeper than in the past.
  5. Jeff Cuno, 23, Colorado - Liked his run at Kendall Mountain and prior efforts nothing to sneeze at either; another youngster with huge upside; expecting a breakthrough performance.


  1. Shelby Johnson, 32, California — Perennial podium finisher and past winner of Pikes Peak 50K was close second here last year and returns to make amends; should have no trouble with course, altitude or distance. The pick for the win.
  2. Heidi Schuette, 44, Idaho — Idaho runner rarely off the podium but has faced mostly northwest runners; still, like her chances here.
  3. Holly Hagerman, 50, Utah - Lightly raced runner seems to excel at shorter distances; appears she's focussed on this as she rarely races, but when she does, a good effort usually follows;  should be in the hunt.
  4. Stefanie Flippin, 29, Colorado - Colorado runner is well traveled, showing recent efforts in California, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Michigan; like she's shortening up from recent good showing at San Diego 100 so expect her to be coming late; upset pick to win it all.
  5. Kelsy Dutton, 28, Colorado - Runner is very lightly raced and at 28 could be any kind; have to believe she's improving; definite chance to spring the upset.