100 Mile Race Instructions

Welcome to Our Little 100 Mile Event

Well, little bunnies, race day is Friday, September 13, 2019. Please check the website often, because we do update this a lot. And please read our Runner’s Manual for everything you and your friends, family, and crew need to know about this year’s race. Just about everything you need to know is in there.

Check-in and Packet Pick-Up:

The check-in and packet pick-up will be Thursday, September 12, from 3-6 PM and 7-8 PM at Base Camp at the base of the ski area.  There is no race day check-in or crew packet pick-up - please don't ask.  To get to there, drive up Werner Road to the ski basin, towards Gondola Square. If you’ve parked at the (free) Gondola Square Parking walk head down to the Gondola and Base Camp is right there to the right.

Assignment of Bib Numbers:

Our race will be closed to all entries and changes on Sunday, September 1, 2019 and bib numbers will be assigned thereafter. Bibs will vary as to color and number depending on the distance.

  • 100 mile Hares will be assigned 1, 2 or 3 digit numbers (numbers 1 through 150)
  • 100 mile Tortoises will be assigned 3 digit numbers (numbers 500 through 800)

Bag Drop-off:

Your drop bags MUST be left next to the Gondola stage on Thursday, September 12, between 3 and 8 PM! Runners in our 100-miler may have three drop bags, giving you access to them seven times. We will transport them to Long Lake, Olympian Hall, and Summit Lake. You may also leave bags near the finish line. Please be sure to affix your bib number, name and designated aid station to each of your drop bags!

We will try to get the drop bags returned as quickly as we can, but they’ll have to be picked up Sunday 7-10 AM. If not, it goes to charity. Or the circular file.  WE WILL NO LONGER SHIP DROP BAGS BACK TO YOU. PLEASE ARRANGE TO HAVE YOUR DROP BAG PICKED UP BY SOMEONE IF YOU CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF. TO REPEAT: WE WILL NO LONGER SHIP DROP BAGS BACK TO YOU!

Mandatory Pre-Race Briefing:

There is a mandatory pre-race briefing Thursday, September 12 at 6-7 PM outside at the stage at the Gondola. We will try not to be too verbose but we will issue you the usual warnings about the weather, checking in and out of the aid stations, following the course markings, and absolutely not littering, and of course, there will be a drawing for some awfully decent gifts. But all bunnies have to be there to hear it in person to win them and get your race packet.

Pre-Race Dinner:

Based on popular demand, or lack thereof, there will be no pre-race dinner. There are many restaurants to suit all budgets located within walking distance of the start, as well as in downtown Steamboat Springs, a few minutes drive away or a hop on the free bus. And we do have a terrific post-race party.

100 Mile Race Start:

Tortoises will start right in front of the Slopeside at 8:00 AM. Hares will start at noon.

We will have coffee, as well as water and Tail Wind, and maybe a bagel, but please fill your water bottles before you get to the start. We can’t carry enough to let everyone fill. There are only a few bathrooms available.

The ski basin has kindly offered to have the gondola up and running and the ticket office open by 8:00 AM Friday, so friends, family, and spectators can have a birds-eye view of you as you top that nasty little climb up to the gondola and then meet you at the top. WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF GONDOLA TICKETS FOR SALE FOR THE PRICE OF $15 - PLEASE PURCHASE THEM AT OUR PRE-RACE BRIEFING!  Yeah, your crew can hug you, take a few pictures, and hand you a water bottle too. And then send you on your merry way!

Early Bird Special Start:

We’re going to let all male runners over 70 and all female runners over 60 get an early start if they want it. They can start at 7:00 AM. If you’re going for the early start, just let us know by Sunday, September 1.


There is very limited free two-hour parking right near the start for those with family or friends dropping them off for the race. There is also free all-day public parking at the Knoll parking lot maybe ¼ mile away and there is free parking across from the Grand, right near the finish. The Sheraton and the Grand, very close to the start, have all-day parking for $10 per day and there should be some free (but not overnight) parking across from the Sheraton as well. Those staying at our sponsor the Torian will have free parking in the Torian garage.

Aid Stations:

All aid stations will be stocked with at least Tail Wind and water, Honey Stinger waffles and chews, a cola and a non-cola beverage, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, turkey and cheese wraps or sandwiches, potato chips, cookies, some fruit, and carrots. We will try to have something hot for the night, like soup, pancakes, beans and maybe eggs, bacon, sausage, and breakfast burritos. You will not go hungry.

If there are other items runners really want, let us know and if there’s enough demand, we’ll put it there. We won’t put anything there though that might cause a litter problem – like GU packets. Aid stations will be manned by friendly, smiling volunteers, who will grin and hopefully do whatever they can to help you finish, but beware – those grins may be those that people reserve when they think they are dealing with the seriously deranged. Smile back, say thank you and be kind. They are volunteers.

You all probably know this, but we’ll say it again: Our insurance makes us promise that before we can shut down an aid station, every single last bunny rabbit be accounted for. Please, please, please check in at every aid station, and in the very unlikely event you can’t finish and are forced to quit, make absolutely sure someone at an aid station knows about it.

Bunnies, don’t get wildly exuberant or depressed when you get into an aid station by the miles we will list; they are only approximations, done to make ourselves feel there’s a level of precision when we really know there isn’t. Heck, the course is probably a bit longer than 100 miles!


If you are a Tortoise in our 100, you may have a pacer. No pacers for Hares in the 100. Only one pacer at a time. Pacers may accompany runners from Olympian Hall through Emerald to the finish. Any runner over 60 years old may have a pacer for the whole distance. Pacers may meet their runner ONLY at crew access aid stations.

Crew can access Dry Lake Aid Station but parking is extremely limited. PLEASE TRY AND CARPOOL OR ARRANGE TO HAVE YOUR CREW DROPPED OFF AT DRY LAKE. Pacers are otherwise responsible for getting themselves to and from aid stations.

EXCEPTION: Special Gondola-to-Finish-Line Pacers. 100 Mile Tortoises may have family and friends accompany them from the top of the Gondola down to the finish — approximately the last 4 miles. If the Gondola is not running when your runner is expected, hike up. It will give you some sense of what the runners have done. You are responsible for buying the Gondola ticket. We will have a limited number of gondola tickets for sale for $15.

Cut Off Times:

The time limit for Tortoises is 36 hours (which is 8:00 PM), unless you’re a 60 or over Female or a 70 or over Male and take the Early Bird start, in which case it’s 37 hours (still 8:00 PM).

For Hares, the time limit is 30 hours (6:00 PM).

We will also have absolute cutoffs at several of the aid stations, as listed here: 100 Mile Aid Stations, Mileage, Crews and Cutoffs.

Those who’ve run our race before know that we’ve done all we can to allow runners to finish, but making our volunteers stay out too late and miss the post-race fun and festivities is unfair to them and we ask that you consider that. So please don’t argue if we tell you your race is over. Come back next year and show us how wrong we were.


The finish is right where you started, with none of you hopefully worse for the wear. As we’ve done the in the past, we’ll have a DH (Designated Hugger) at the finish to give you a hug and point you on your way to the party. We will have a little party, with plenty of free beer and food for all runners and volunteers. Family and friends and your personal mental health professionals should also certainly come to watch you finish and to join in the post-race festivities, but since this is a charity event (see below), they should bring money. You can get their $20 food & beer tickets Thursday or Friday at the briefings or buy them at the race. We’ll have our awards ceremony at around 7:30 PM.

Charitable Contributions:

Little bunnies, we’re all just volunteers and everything in excess of expenses goes to charity, so think about that before you complain about something. We will announce our charities for this year after the race.


We will have buckles for sub 36-hour finishers and also for sub 30-hour finishers.  Besides the finishers’ buckle all finishers will receive a beautiful technical shirt and a nice mug. Over-all women and men Tortoise winners will also receive a nice award, and the first three female and male Tortoises to cross the finish line will also receive a nice award too, as will the first female and male Master Tortoises. We’ll think of something for the Hares. A few others, whose race performance for one reason or another we deem worthy of an award, might also get whatever nice award we come up with. You all know that sometimes it’s better to be a Tortoise than a Hare. Only one award per runner, though.

Prize Money:

We’re offering prize money, for both Tortoises and Hares. Check out the Prize Money page.


If you ran our race before you know the weather may be unpredictable, with rain or snow not out of the question: please plan ahead. Please be nice to all the volunteers, and if you see Harvey out there, please say hi and give him a big hug: it’s lonely being a pooka. Please be nice to the environment. Please be nice to each other. And please have fun.


You will need to arrange accommodations for yourself and crew for the weekend. There are plenty of hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, and camping accommodations in and around Steamboat Springs, but we strongly urge all runners and crews to support our great sponsor Wyndham Vacation Rentals. See our sponsor page for a link to get their terrific rates.

For camping options, there is camping at Dumont, right at the Dumont aid station (50 miler). There is also camping near the Dry Lake aid station, on Buffalo Pass Road, on the 100 mile course. There are other camping options as well.