Runner in Aspens

Welcome to the Run Rabbit Run 50 & 100 Mile Endurance Races!

Welcome to our little event! With this website and the Runner's Manual, we will provide you and your crew with everything you need to know for the weekend and races. If we can improve the website or manual in any way, please let us know.

First a warning: We promise that the course will be well marked with nice colored ribbons so no one should get lost. But if you fall and hurt yourself please stay where you are and don’t try to short cut your way back. We will have sweeps to make sure that all runners are accounted for. Another warning: The course is not closed so others may be using it, such as hikers and mountain bikers. Please be courteous. It is also hunting season in Colorado so while we welcome and encourage (really encourage) bright colors and clever costumes, dressing as an elk may not be the brightest of ideas. And please, no walking or hiking poles on our 50-mile run. We don’t like them on an out and back course, especially on singletrack.

We are a cupless event.

We are joining the growing number of events that are going cupless, at least during daylight hours. Please bring your own water bottle or cup. At night we will be serving hot food and while we will have a limited number of cups and bowls, please consider bringing your own. Let’s try and minimize waste.

How hard are the courses?

We don't make a fuss about it but our 100 miler is one of the hardest courses in America. We regularly have a 60% or less finishing rate, despite the 36-hour time limit. And our field is among the top two or three most competitive in the world. As for our 50-miler, it's tough, but the finishing rate is higher. It's also among the most beautiful.