Crews & Pacers

See the Runner's Manual for Crew Access & Driving Directions.

Crew Rules
  • HARES - crews may aid at designated crew aid stations only, at Fish Creek Falls Trailhead (but no parking or driving to the aid station - take the Shuttle from Olympian), and at the top of the gondola. We’re seeing how fast you can run, not how many crewmembers you can muster to help you.
  • TORTOISES and 50 MILERS may receive aid at any designated crew aid station or spectator access point, as noted in the instructions, but no driving to Fish Creek Falls Aid Station - take the shuttle.
  • You are responsible for the behavior of your crew! No crewing or vehicle access above Dry Lake on Buffalo Pass Road. If your crew tries to drive there, you are outta here! No Parking at either Dry Lake or Fish Creek Falls Trailhead.  There will be a shuttle.
  • Runners are not allowed to meet crew between aid stations except through town.
  • Crew should bring adequate gear for their own safety and comfort.
Pacer Rules
  • Pacers for 100 Mile TORTOISES only, and only at designated exchange points.
  • EXCEPTION: Runners over 60 (100 milers) may have a pacer for the entire course.
  • Only one pacer at a time.
  • Pacers may meet their runner ONLY at crew access aid stations.
  • No pacers for 50 MILERS.
  • ANOTHER EXCEPTION: 100 Mile TORTOISES and 50 MILERS may have as many pacers as they’d like from the top of the Gondola to the finish.
  • Pacers should bring adequate gear for their own safety and comfort.