Runners Beware

A word of warning: These are not beginner’s runs. You might find the uphills and downhills fairly steep. You may find there’s a lot of them. You will spend a lot of time at an altitude of nearly two miles. There may be snow. There may be rain. It may sleet, or be wet, or windy, or then again, it may be hot. There may be wild animals out there, some of them a lot bigger and scarier than a rabbit. In short, these are not the bunny hills of ultra running. Please do not try to run this course if you’re not completely prepared. For those of you that are, you will be greeted with a well-marked and challenging mountain run, spectacular autumn scenery, terrific aid stations (located approximately every 6 to 8 miles) and a chance for you and your family to visit one of the greatest little towns in America - Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The course is closed. That means that runners are required to follow the specified route and that they may not cut corners or switchbacks or wander off the trail and not come back to where they so wandered off. The courses start and finish at the bottom of the ski basin, in front of The Sheraton. We will do our best to mark the course really well, but animals, human and non, can tinker with our best-laid plans. Course descriptions can be found at the links below. You might want to read them.

The course will be marked with brightly colored ribbons and, in sections likely to be traversed at night, with some sort of reflective tape or marker. We will show them to you at the race briefing. We will not use glow sticks. There will also be race signs indicating turns and directing you to the next aid station, and, where appropriate, we may use flour or cones or paint, or signs in the shape of bunnies. We will mark the very obvious parts a lot less than the more difficult stretches but it will be marked well. We promise. By and large, the course is easy to follow, with most of it quite obvious.

Volunteers will try and assist you in finding your way, but please realize they may not be familiar with the route and they may be tired and they make mistakes too. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHICH WAY TO GO!